Friday, April 18, 2014

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Bolivia is located on the hub of South America, bordered by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Chile. Its territory extends from the eternal snow-capped mountains of the Andes to the luxurious Amazon jungle and it is also known as the “Geographical Synthesis of the World”. Due to its unique attractions and geographical location, it is a natural bridge between the four cardinal points for most South American programs.


Bolivia is the last AUTHENTIC country in South America. In only one destination, visitors experience its supreme splendor, rich legacy, a mosaic of cultures and its dramatically diverse topography; but as wondrous as any of these is the warmth and hospitality with which the smiling Bolivian people greet visitors.


Our incentive programs offer a properly planed and customized combination of cultural experience,nature, soft adventure, leisure and fun that can help our clients to motivate and retain their best people. We offer all kind of Incentives, as well as Business Travel with the proper experience and connections in order to fulfil any special requirement.


The picturesque village of Juli-Peru on Lake Titicaca housed the Dominicans, the first missionaries who arrived in 1539 establishing the doctrines for the evangelization of the Aymara natives, but they left Juli in 1574 due to discrepancies with the Viceroy Francisco Toledo. In 1576 the Jesuits arrived and built a printing press, publishing the first Bible in Aymara. They settled in Juli, making it the Rome of the Indies...